The Wedding

Saturday, May 5, 2018
5:30 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Robert Carr Chapel
2855 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76129, USA
The Fort Worth Club
306 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA
Wedding Party

Allison Drost - Maid of Honor

Allison is my best friend, maid of honor, and Gamma Phi Beta sister. Allison and I met freshman year however we became closest sophomore year. We spent our time at TCU going to Bottom having Polliwogs or taking spontaneous trips to Norman Oklahoma to visit OU. Over the summer she has traveled to Lake Tahoe to spend time with my family and I at our Lake House. She is the sister I never had!

Amy Moan - Bridesmaid

Amy and I met freshman year at TCU! We were in the same Frog Camp group, lived down the hall from each other in our freshman dorm, and studied Nursing. Throughout school we were in the same clinical groups and studied (a lot) together! Since we graduated, Amy and I have lived together in an apartment near the hospital district. Amy is a Trauma ICU nurse and is working toward her end goal of being a Nurse Practitioner.

Chloe Reyes - Bridesmaid

Chloe is my sorority sister and little sister from Gamma Phi Beta! Chloe and I met her freshman year while my pledge class was searching for our little sisters. We had a fun/awkward "Moonie date" at Dutches and I knew she had to be my little! Chloe is graduating from Law school at Texas Tech University this May. Additionally, Chloe is getting married in August and I will be standing by her side!

Francie Ronan - Bridesmaid

Francie and I met at TCU! We both are members of the same Sorority Gamma Phi Beta! We bonded one night while at our favorite local spot Ol Rips. We share a love for binge watching Netflix shows and drinking Pinot Grigio. Francie lives in Dallas and works for a skin care company called Farm House Fresh!

Hailey Sisson - Bridesmaid

Hailey and I met freshman year at TCU! We joined the same sorority and both majored in Nursing. As we went through school we became closer through our love for TCU football, our numerous study sessions , and our love to go out and have a good time! Hailey is currently living in Guatemala studying Spanish and doing medical mission trips. Starting in late May she will become a Travel Nurse and work on assignments throughout the U.S!

Katie Gazda - Bridesmaid

Katie and I met freshman year at TCU! We were neighbors in our dorm freshman year and then lived together in the Gamma Phi Beta House our sophomore year. Throughout college, Katie and I spent our time together shopping, traveling to places like Nashville, and going out! Katie went back to school to complete the Accelerated BSN program at TCU and will be graduating this December! She will be moving back to her home town of San Antonio and will work as a Pediatric ICU Nurse!

Meredith Henderson - Bridesmaid

Meredith is Bryces younger sister! We have become close over the years by spending time together in Dallas or at her older sisters families lake house in Jacksonville! Meredith recently graduated from the University of Kansas and will be starting graduate school this Spring in San Antonio at UT Health studying Speech Pathology.

Brad Livingstone - Best Man

I have known Brad for over 20 years! Brad is married to my older sister Jennifer. They live in Dallas, TX and have three sons Bradley, Jack, and Parker. I can't imagine anyone else that I would rather have be my Best Man and stand by me on one of the biggest days of my life! Brad has always supported me and I am honored to have the privilege of knowing him.

Conor Blanck - Groomsman

Conor and I met Freshman year when we both pledged Delta Tau Delta in 2011. His fun loving attitude and his deep love for Dallas area sports only made our friendship grow stronger throughout college. We spent a year together as roommates in our Fraternity house where numerous
memories were made. Conor currently works and lives in Ft. Worth, TX.

Dylan Hoyt - Groomsman

Dylan and I have known each other since Kindergarten and have been close friends since. Throughout our friendship we have shared similar interests of sports, Star Wars, and video games with plenty of laughs mixed in. Dylan graduated from Texas Tech University and works as a personal trainer in Richardson, TX.

Evan Carter - Groomsman

Evan and I have been close friends since elementary school! We have traveled across the United States together and share many of
the same hobbies. Between the two of us we can probably carry on a whole conversation in movie quotes. Since moving back to Dallas this past April we have lived together. Evan graduated from Texas A&M University for his undergrad and Masters with his drive not stopping there, he is currently seeking his MBA at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Luke Lipscomb - Groomsman

Luke and I met in Atlanta through the AT&T Business Sales Leadership Training Program. We instantly became close friends. At the end of training in Florida, we were both relocated to South Florida. Many of our friends call us "twins" because we have very similar personalities. Luke played football and graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. Luke and got married this past fall. Him and his wife Christie, can be found every summer at Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz, California.

Matt Williams - Groomsman

I've known Matt since we were six years old. We strangely enough found out that we were cousins in elementary school. We've spent many years on a ball field together while growing up. Matt graduated from the University of Oklahoma and now lives and works in Dallas, TX.

Nathan Tribble - Groomsman

Nathan and I met Freshman year at TCU. We hit it off instantly during our orientation and at "Frog Camp". We both joined in Delta Tau Delta. Junior and senior year Nathan and I lived together off campus. Nathan is a friend I can always count on and he is always there for me. This past spring, Nathan was my co-pilot as I made the 25 hour drive from Miami back to Dallas. Nathan currently lives and works in Ft. Worth, TX

Ryan Oliver - Groomsman

Ryan is Katherine's older brother and my future brother-in-law. He is currently working as a chemical engineer in Northern California. Ryan is a die-hard San Francisco sports fan. When he is not working you can find him at his families lake house in Lake Tahoe, California. He loves to go out on the lake and hike in the summer and loves to snowboard in the winter.